Hi Everyone,

I have received more email responses to the email I sent out yesterday regarding
Wealthtoolbox than any other email I have sent to our group.

The number one question was ?is this for real?? To be honest, I have no
idea if it is on the up and up. It looks like they trade in equities and
currencies but that is just a guess.

The site does not have a lot of information so we have to stay tuned to
see what they share with us next.

Since it is free to join and they place $50.00 to start you off in your
account, I thought I would send the link out to everyone just in case it
turns out to be a good program. Since all the request is that you register,
I thought many of you would like to introduce it to your people and grow
a referral base.

They place another $50 in your account when someone signs up under you.
Again, nothing to lose.

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