What is BannerInvest.com?

Unlike HYIPs and Autosurfs, Bannerinvest is a unique program thatís gives you double opportunity to earn. Through investment and direct advertising, we could assure 100% profit to all of our members.

BannerInvest.com VS HYIPs.
BannerInvest.com is far different and advantage compared to HYIPs. In HYIPs, you could only earn by investing and based on the return the program is giving. In BannerInvest.com, you could earn from investing and at the same time, through direct advertising of your website.
Others are investing not just to earn profit but main purpose is to advertise their sites. This is guaranteed to have best result.

BannerInvest.com VS Autosurf.
The difference is simple but the result is far different. In Autosurf, everyone can see your site in a flash without clicking any link on it because surfing is compulsory and badly needed. In BannerInvest.com, your banner will be online full time within 180 days and visitors and other members click on it with purpose.

Simple rules

1. Invest with BannerInvest.com and earn 9% daily for 18 days. Total of 135%.
2. Minimum is $1 if you donít have banner, and $10 if you have banner to get posted. There is no maximum.
3. On 15th days of your investment, you will receive a confirmation email that your account is expired and you should receive your fund into your e-gold account within 24 hours.
4. You can place different banners anytime on separate investments.
5. Referral commission is 5%.