Hello all! I want to offer you my own hyip-project! Why do I do it? Because I want to make the MMG and other forums a little happier...

Iím here for almost 1 year ( since Jan 27 2006 ). Iíve seen a lot of things for this period: the crash of 12dailypro,compact surfing, F.I.G. and other wellknown projects...Iíve seen how admins, who had reputation here, deceived people... For example: the admin of congold,the admin of Aut0surf,the admin of dailyprofitshare etc... I think everybody of them sits here under another nickname and continues to deceive people... Itís very unpleasant for me, because Iím an investor like you... I know what is the ďlostĒ. I know that feeling, when you remain without money and can do nothing... But we continue to live and this is the most important!

All of us know Ė thieves will be punished sooner ot later. So, about my hyip-project now:

I want to tell you: Iím not a forex trader.There will be those, who lost and those, who won here. You have to understand that itís a hyip-game. If youíll be making deposits and reinvest your money, then will be a growth and long life! Therefore I want to offer you the such a plan: 10% daily for 15 days.All payments are made to your account daily and withdrawals are manually during 24 hours after request. The first 50 active members will receive 2$ of egold. The latest active member will receive 1% from total deposit! The referral com. is 5%. The withdrawal fee is 8%. The program will be closed when the sum of withdrawals will reach the sum of the deposits! (100%)

So, Iíve personal desing. I wish to express my huge gratitude to Doris, who have made this!

I use the latest version of the script from neversay! Therefore you will be completely safe! Now is a PRE-LAUNCH . Iíll open my program after 1 day from this minute. You can register now but you canít make any deposits. The plan will be open afer 24 hours. Thank you! Enjoy yourself!