Just found on mafia-monitor
its new, launched today
nice site, high interest-rates

115% after 1 day
140% after 2 days
170% after 3 days
210% after 4 days

From the site:
Welcome to Belucci-Investment Hyip!
Belucci-Investment-Hyip is a hyip game,
all money that comes into the program is not invested.

...When we will reach 100% of payment, we will restart the program and announce new round. The reset of the game agrees to be executed when will reach 100% of payment.
Before you will invest, please read terms and FAQ. You must be aware that you can lost your deposit.
All hyips are in reality a game. No one hyip is investing because real investment require long-term deposit, high capital and interest rates are paid after minimum few months.
We always pay. Our profit is only 2%. We deduct 2% from withdrawals. Welcome and enjoy the game!

At least admin is honest, yes hyip is a game and all talk how they invest in debentures, forex, commodities, stock etc is nonsense

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