Summit Lending is quickly becoming the leading online private commercial lending services company in the Industry. Although we have played a key role in this industry for years, we've only recently expanded our services allowing the small cap investor to benefit from our agressive growth. Summit Shares is the gateway to huge returns for our clients. Our business model allows us to leverage traditional investments including, but not limited to Commercial Construction Loans, Commercial Lines of Credit, Commercial Real Estate Financing, Commercial Term Loans and Land Development Loans. We speculate and target medium to high risk entities with outstanding models generating huge returns for our clients. Our surplus capital pool ensures that we maintain our profit margin for all new and existing accounts.

Our Plans:
125% in 24 Hours - With Autopay
135% in 24 Hours - With Autopay
145% in 24 Hours - With Autopay

We Offer:
Highly secure custom software Backend!
Acurate and transparent Fund statistics!
Excellent online support monitored 24/7!
Monitor every transaction with precision!
Fully automated deposit, interest and payment system!
Instant payments and fully automatic payments to your E-Gold account!
Fully automated backend!
5% Referal commision incentive with autopay!