We are SuperFund Invest Group. Our team of investors has over 10 years of experience investing in global financial markets. We have experience on the large scale from our most knowledgeable investment advisor who was an Investment Banker for a highly respected firm on Wall St. He helped manage billions in assets but left the firm to pursue personal ventures. We have experience on a smaller scale too from investors who have made a living working with Real Estate investments.

Our company is headed by a young entrepreneur who was working on a MBA in Organizational Leadership when he dropped out of Stanford University. He is a true visionary and is the success behind SFI and its online integration. He has really distilled our vision of what smart investing is right down to its very essence. Great Leadership is like a double-edged sword; it can make or break a company. It is what separates a company who posts profits every quarter to one that makes its shareholders weep. The leadership at SFI is what makes this company rise to the top. It is also the reason why working with the top echelon of software people is what we demanded.

Our team of software engineers is responsible for our online integration and making it the most secure and user-friendly investment website on the web. They pushed us to have multi-language support, a touring number for log in, high level DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection, and secure 128-bit SSL encryption.

Upgrades such as CRYPTO-Server for windows (a two-factor authentication solution that helps enterprises eliminate the use of static passwords) and room for expansion in acceptance of payment processors have all been kept in mind from a programming aspect. They have done projects for such prestigious companies as Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, Yahoo, Shell Gas, and are an integral part of what makes SuperFund Invest Group Super.

Let us manage your assets and see how we can lead you to prosperity, or if you are already there how we can help you keep it. Click here to see if you qualify to invest with us. https://www.superfundinvestgroup.com/?ref=Solidgold