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    Post Computerhyip -

    Computer HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) is a long-term Forex investment site. We are a team of intermediate and expert forex traders looking out for investors and an opportunity to grow together with investors as well as profit everyone including ourselves! Our team consists of people who have been trading in forex from the range of 8 months up to 2 years! We are now confident that we can profit investors from the experiences faced and the professionalism and disciplined trading we have invented and conduct.
    Investing into Forex is not like a get rich quick scheme, you cannot expect to invest a $1000 and wake up tomorrow to find out you have $2000 in your account (Although that is possible but not everytime). A lot of Forex Traders frequently use more than 50% of their capital value on margins in open trades thinking that they will profit more than 200% at the end of each trade's, 90% of times they lose more capital for such great risks and thatís the reason why many Forex investment sites have failed in trading. We conduct disciplined trading i.e. we never use more than 20% of capital value on margins for trading. This has resulted in the least risk as well as consistent performance! Using our disciplined trading methods we have had consistent returns in the past few months! 500-700 pips consistent gains on EUR/USD open trades! And from 500-1000 pips consistent gains from GBP/USD open trades!
    We trade only major currency pairs like GBP/USD, USD/CHF, EUR/USD and USD/JPY. We conduct Forex trading on low leverages of 1:100 and 1:500 on trading platforms that support E-gold transactions for this HYIP, like Marketiva and NorthFinance (Metatrader 4). We also trade on very high margins sometimes for confirmed Forex predictions, like trading with USD $100000 on margin with a USD $1000 invest during times of NFP/GDP (Non-Farm Payroll/Gross Domestic Product) that results in Amazing profits from point gains! We offer investors interests only what we know we can reliably deliver from our Forex trading. During times when our Forex Trading has resulted in a boom in capitals, we may also grant huge bonuses of upto 50%-200% of deposit value to all our investors regularly!
    Finally you can say! My computer pays!
    To strengthen our program and attract more investors, please rate us on our monitor sites. It's that simple and just takes you several minutes to do it, but it will benefit all of you. Please also pay high attention to our referral bonus plans. Don't forget a great deal of referral bonuses is waiting for you! Do take this fantastic offer!

    Only investors are allowed to register an account.
    Spam is not allowed.
    Please rate us actively.
    $1 instant signup Bonus for Forex investors!


    Forex Daily's (Unlimited Days, Excludes Weekends)
    Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%)
    Unlimited Daily's $10 - $5,000 1.50
    Calculate your profit >>

    Forex Weekly's (Unlimited Weeks)
    Plan Spent Amount ($) Weekly Profit (%)
    Unlimited Weekly's $100 - $10,000 10.00
    Calculate your profit >>

    Forex Monthly's (Unlimited Months)
    Plan Spent Amount ($) Monthly Profit (%)
    Unlimited Monthly's $1,000 - $100,000 50.00
    Calculate your profit >>

    Forex Quarterly's (Unlimited Quarters)
    Plan Spent Amount ($) 3 Monthly Profit (%)
    Unlimited Quarterly's $1,000 - $250,000 200.00


    Use our referral program and earn up to 12.00% of referral deposits!
    (Sponsers will recieve a bonus!)

    Our first level referral bonuses
    Name From To Commision (%)
    Referral 1 1 10 2.00
    Referral 2 11 20 3.00
    Referral 3 21 30 4.00
    Referral 4 31 40 5.00
    Referral 5 41 50 6.00
    Referral 6 51 60 7.00
    Referral 7 61 70 8.00
    Referral 8 71 80 9.00
    Referral 9 81 90 10.00
    Referral 10 91 100 11.00
    Sponser 101 and more 12.00

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    Here is some proof that i do trading and that i can profit very easily from forex from my experience, using technical analysis and fundamental analysis. I can average 50pips a day on sluggish days and upto over 500pips a day usually.

    Heres a small glimpse of my 1.50 hours of trading. I average 7wins every 10trades, thats because from my experience as a trader, i already know which direction the market moves and when to open and close trades, the rest is dependent on market.

    My plans are simple
    1.5% Daily Forever
    10% Weekly Forever
    50% Monthly Forever
    200% Quaterly Forever

    $1 Signup bonus after you invest!

    E-gold/Alertpay. Daily Mass-payouts!

    As you can all see, i always reserve investors profit in advance before i look at personal profits. I am offering you a Fantastic offer!

    Invest in Forex from my site and get paid and stay paid for lifelong! Not only that, each time i have made big capitals from trading i will grant 50%-200% of deposit value as a bonus!

    This is my typical profiting daily, i already manage to make more than 200% in just a few days. But yet to keep all investors on the safest and risk free side , i am offering you stable and everlasting plan!

    You dont need to look at who invested what or statistic, because this is not a game hyip. All funds are used into forex directly via brokers Marketiva/Northfinance which are traded 24hours a day 5 days a week!

    Great chance for you to finally invest big money and make big profits from us/ No more having to think twice before you invest because you will profit . Thats why theres a seal for 100% satisfaction guarantee on the program site.

    Thanks for reading , and i only wish that you invest at the right place to profit and quit investing into games and ponzis which eventually lead you to a loss instead of profit, because these types of game and ponzi programs do not have any way to really profit you, they pay you from other members and you will lose money in sites like that.

    Profit daily, lifelong from investing into Forex!
    - from 0.15/daily minimum right up to $75/daily, for lifelong!
    - from $10/week, right upto $1000/week, for lifelong!
    - from $500/month, right upto $50000/month, for lifelong!
    - from $2000/Quaterly, right upto $500000/quaterly, for lifelong!

    This Forex program will really profit you from the easy plans, no matter how much you decide to invest! The right choice is yours!

    **My apologies for the site downtime, i contacted hosting and they are upgrading all thier servers today. So the site should hopefully be back online in a days time maximum.**


    Click here for the screenshot!

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    5% daily for 30 days or 200% after 30 days
    4 levels of referral bonuses.
    Instant withdraws!

    ComputerHYIP - Forex Trading.

    Started Feb 1, 2007
    Running days 3
    Total accounts 34
    Active accounts 17
    VIP accounts 0
    Total deposited $ 118.00
    Today deposited $ 10.00
    Total withdraw $ 21.19
    Visitors online 2
    Members online 4
    Newest Member Imanookian
    Last update Feb 4, 2007

    Growing slowly, but good for a medium term HYIP. I think its only that people are uncertain of the me or if this is a scam, i can guarantee you 100% that you wont lose your money atleast, the systems fully automated and i dont control anyone withdraw, its your right. and i leave it up to members to choose when they want to withdraw or if theyd like to hang back to make the stats more attractive for newer signups.

    Im planning to make this HYIP, rock this industry! Its going to be an HYIP that never stops! The limit of this program depends on the limit of people on the internet! Its billions of people playing on this hyip and am sure hoping to be proud of what ive created!

    Join us and profit! :)

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