PANAMA-- (BUSINESS WIRE)--October 16, 2006 ERGO Investment LLC, online investment project '' saw new package of updates and arrival of new people onboard. Particularly, the support staff will be increasing and the ERGO Investment online program will now be managed by former Langdon Financial, incorporated in Cayman Islands. However, no new policies will be issued to the current users as of now, and the project will remain to function pretty much the same.

Brandon Hubbard, CEO of ERGO Investment LLC, had this to say - "Due to a huge increase of interest in our program, we had to find a partner to help us manage the program. Langdon Financial has proven to be one of the most trustworthy offshore partners in the past and I am sure they will handle everything to the best extent".

Adam Stanton will be joining Andrew Keen in the development department and will make sure that the project expands steadily as of today. Andrew Keen also mentioned that the development department has not stopped expanding the program and quite a refreshing amount of new features are yet to come.

ERGO Investment, an offshore based and operating company is offering their investors a brokerage services and closely co-operate with more than 12 fund managers in the offshore and other NON-US zone.

Minimum amount for incoming deposits is 50 USD. daily yield of 0.8% up to 1.5%, You will be able to withdraw your principal (original investment) after the term of 180 days.


Compounding ratio: Off 25% 50% 75% 100%

Account's summary

Deposited balance: 50.00
Compounded balance: 0.00
Earnings from investments: 0.00
Earnings from referrals: 0.00
Verified: Pending

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