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    Arrow Kirofx -

    Kirofx -

    Dear Investor,

    Kiro Gain Capital group is a group of investment companies mainly involved in investment and speculative operations with borrowed capitals for making profit.

    The main sources to borrow capital:

    * trading operations;
    * bank credits;
    * Internet-investments (private capital.

    The investment tools which we place the
    borrowed funds into are as next as:

    * branch markets;
    * securities (sticks and bonds.
    * futures and option contracts;
    * FOREX market trading operations;
    * investments into high-yield offshore securities;
    * trading at;

    KiroFX doesn’t offer extremely high returns to its clients, anyway our online investment plans are one of the most profit-making plans in the market. The guarantee of profit payouts and investment funds safeness is insuring of high-risked investment operations. There is the investor's possible losses corridor defined in a practical way. It is some inevitable losses that cannot be anticipated and minimized as the investment market is moves permanently. The reserve insurance fund is used for compensation of those losses. That is how we reach Company working stability and guarantee the safeness of the borrowed funds.
    The working geography of the company is not strictly defined. Advanced information technologies enable us of performing activities in several world trading places and markets simultaneously.

    We do not offer you 1000% of income on your investments, but we offer
    Trust and Stability!

    Daily plan
    Invest $10.00 - $500.00
    Get 1.80% every day for 100 days
    Invest $501.00 - $25,000.00
    Get 2.40% every day for 100 days

    Weekly plan
    Invest $200.00 - $1,000.00
    Get 15.00% every week for 14 weeks
    Invest $1,001.00 - $25,000.00
    Get 19.00% every week for 14 weeks
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