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    Smile Agents/Users wanted for new and extremely userfriendly Forex platform !

    Hi everyone,
    I have been fortunate to receive this offer at the early stages of this new Forex Platform. I have traded Forex for almost a year now, but never seen a platform like this before. Text from site...:The platform is presenting a system that took more than three years to develop and is constantly being refined. It looks simple, but there's some serious technology behind it. The platform executes trades at a single click, based on live market prices calculated and processed every 20 milliseconds.
    We welcome all types of traders. Whether you're an experienced trader looking for a fast platform to execute your trades, or a novice trader who just wants to try it out and get started, we give you what you need. We also welcome forex news traders, and do our best to provide instant fills without ever widening the spread. Processing trades during especially busy news times is always a challenge, so we promise you this; if we accept your trade during peak times, it will be at our usual spread…always.
    The platform is regulated by the Norwegian authorities, which are known for being among the world's toughest regulators.

    What are the benefits for you?
    1. You can start trading more quickly, on live, one-click prices
    2. Focus on making money instead of learning a system
    3. Don't waste time on tools you don't need to make money
    4. Top up your account in seconds
    5. Withdraw funds whenever you like
    6. No need to study multiple currency pairs; be an expert in a few

    What makes this platform so revolutionary?

    After years of studying other platforms out there, we realised that they all have one thing in common - they are complicated.

    So, we built a system with all the real-time prices and stability you would expect, but without the mass of complex tools which most traders never even use. Then we made it possible for you to trade, manage your risk, view your account, top up or remove funds, monitor charts and get help - all from one screen! You've never traded forex with such ease and transparency before.

    Discover - in just 7 minutes - how to take advantage of the profit potential in forex trading.

    Practice Account Try Pip Forex free for as long as you like
    Beginner's Forex Guide Get the forex trading basics in our free guide
    Live Account Real trading from USD 200 or EUR 150

    Download our demo platform for FREE. Download our 19 pages Forex manual for FREE.

    Introducing Agent:

    Are you looking to stimulate new revenue streams by introducing new clients that you know personally or already have a business relationship with to a market that is dynamic, truly global and with consistent year-on-year growth?

    If so, visit us to see what you could earn as an Introducing Agent for our company.

    Please pm me if questions, site address is found in signature field and is explaining everything in detail.

    I view this as my best opportunity in years. I have already traded with this company for some months now and their platform and service is excellent...everything works just great.

    Thanks for listening !

    Last edited by queenofhearts; 30-10-2006 at 11:41 AM. Reason: adding information
    Pip Forex is the easiest, most original way to trade currencies you have ever seen. Download our demoplatform now for FREE. Download our 19 pages Forex Manual for FREE. You can even become an agent for us and earn a growing residual income ! Visit us now at:

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