Welcome to Debucks.com

As a private company, Debucks.com decided to open our doors for online investors, which gives you the opportunity of making a significant benefit on your investment. Our traders work principally on the FOREX (Foreign Exchange) where they have been trading for many years.

With their experience in this industry, we can guarantee very decent profits.The search for the most profitable investment opportunity - this always was one of the most serious tasks for the team of Debucks.com

First we think how to earn capital and then how to keep it secure and increase it for future expenses. However, a specialist understands that money should work somewhere, and here a question arises “Where to invest to in order to get maximum profit?” With the development of market economy investors got a great number of opportunities to invest money. Today investment process consists of investment opportunities evaluation and further choice of most profitable projects. International financial markets (FOREX, Stock Market) are one of the most reliable and experienced with a long time of practice methods to invest capital. Compared to other investment areas financial markets have a number of great advantages.

Our Plan

We pay 30% daily interest profits for 5 days total return 150%. The minimum investment amount is $5 and maximum is $5000. All payout will be automaticaly credited to your member account each days.

Deposit Bonus :

$1-$99 = 5%
$100-$499 = 10%
$500-$999 = 15%
$1000-$2000 = 20%


You can withdraw your profit whenever you wish, instantly and automatically without any fee.You can withdraw your principal whenever you wish, instantly and automatically with only 10% fee. For interest and referral profit we have auto-withdrawn option. This option You can enable in user properties account.


We also offers You 10% Referral Fee when people referred by You join in to our program. We will gives You an unique URL to help You promoting and grabing our referral fee. Referal payments are made instantly to members accounts and are withdrawable instantly. You must have made a spend with us in order to collect referal payments. Your payment rate depends on how many people you refer.