Our soon to launch program ExoticFX is looking for individuals to fill several paid positions;

Advertising Manager
Advertising Personnel
Support Manager
Support Personnel
Forum Manager
Forum Personnel

Several positions will soon be made available for the right people.

Although our site is not live as of this date, preparations are in order to launch beginning February.
This innovative program has numerous features and unlimited potential to become the top HYIP online.

Some of the features include;

Custom Script
Short-Medium and Long Term Plans
Daily or Term Interest payments
Full DDoS Protection
Hosting at the infamous Bahnhof’s Pionen White Mountain Datacenter in Stockholm (home of Wikileaks)
Private Forum
24/7 live Support
Massive Advertising Budget
State of the Art Website
Affiliate Program
Full Featured Client Account Area
Video News
Un-Paralleled Security including;

- One-Time Keycodes : For every important procedure and transaction like changing / resetting the password, adding / withdrawing deposits, investments etc., member would need One-Time Keycode which is issued automatically by the server. Each Keycode can only be used once and server will automatically issue new ones as old ones expire.

- Full Encryption of Database: Database is fully encrypted so that even if an intruder were to obtain the physical server, they will not be able to decipher / change the database.

- Highly Secure Physical Server: is located in the now renowned Pionen datacenter Bahnhof which is centrally located in Stockholm, 30 meters into the bedrock below the Sofia Church. Basically, the Pionen White Mountains is an upgraded version of a nuclear-safe bunker that the Swedish Civil Defense used during the Cold War.

- Full PHP Encoding: All PHP Scripts are encoded by state of art encoding system which converts source code to byte code and thus no source code resides on the server.

- Email Code Verification System: Every transaction is doubly secured by use of email verification code which user must place into every important transaction form in order to make it succeed.

- Captcha System : so as to prevent remote bots from submitting forms.

- Virtual Keyboard: so as to bypass any key loggers on the client system.

- 256 bit SSL Encryption: to prevent any interception of data.

- DDOS Protection: We selected the best available protection against DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Service). We have protection from any kind of DDoS attacks such as SYN Flood, DRDoS, ICMP Flood, ACK Flood, UDP Flood, Tribe Flood Network, HTTP Flood, Trinoo and many others

If you feel you have the skills necessary to fill any of the positions above and desire to be a part of our team please email me at

[email protected]

Charles Martinsen
EFX Admin