Offshore accounts have taken the investor community by storm, with its innovative concept and benefits. Some of the best offshore accounts boats of the following advantages:
Privacy: the offshore accounts are highly private. Vague litigations can hamper a normal manís wealth even in some of the most stable countries. By investing offshore, one can take advantage of the stable legal and political environment of the offshore site.
Asset protection: By holding wealth offshore, it is harder for anyone to reach that place, especially those who might want to get their hands it. This means better protection of assets and privacy.
Earn Tax-free interest: Taxes incurred on these offshore accounts are incredibly less. Most of the offshore accounts will not have interest taxed at source like your home bank account.
Lesser Regulations: The offshore bank accounts are not restricted by any rules. One is not likely to face a barrage of security questions and other invasive queries, but a good offshore account will allow you to make such transactions online effortlessly, and into the many millions of dollars. The offshore accounts also free the customers from red-tape or bureaucracy.
Multiple currencies at your fingertips Ė Another very important advantage are the provision of multiple currencies. The customers can swiftly change between foreign currencies at a fraction of the cost of doing it at home. Most of the offshore accounts also offer FOREX and trading accounts. This enables the customers to instantly buy and sell at the click of a button from a tax-free offshore base.