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6/10/2010 News

BP Vows To Speed Up Claim Payments, Clean UP

The giant oil company, BP, vowed to speed up claim payments to businesses affected by the oil spill disaster, as well as speed up clean up & recovery.

Realizing that the process of "waiting until the books are closed" to get all the figures before sending a check to businesses severely affected by the spill was simply ineffective, BP says it will pay "all legitimate claims" in a timely fashion.

The BP oil spill, as devastating as it has already been, has the potential to have a much greater affect on the economy, especially the economy of the southern United States, if the gushing oil isn't checked soon.

BP has pledged to speed up clean up as well.

This oil spill will be a test not only of BP's capabilities but also of their integrity of the company, let's hope they pass it. Anything less could mean severe affects on the United States' economy. News & Headlines