Consider purchasing a Swiss Financial Shell/Shelf Trust Company with the instant
credibility of 10-30 plus years in the Swiss financial industry!

Would you like to do a regulated financial business and obtain a Swiss Wealth/Asset Management
License within 2 weeks through a qualified Swiss Trust Company? Do you wish to
issue Swiss bonds and Eurobonds worldwide, list your Swiss Trust Company on
Stock Exchanges within 2 weeks?

Swiss Shell Trust Companies are ready for Forex, Asset Management, Wealth Management,
Family Office, Hedge Fund, CTA’s Programs, HYIPs Programs, Commodities Trading,
Cleantech Investments, Financial Holding, Industrial Holding, US life settlements;

Swiss Financial Trust Companies are already qualified to issue Swiss Bonds and Eurobonds worldwide;

Swiss Financial Trust Companies are already qualified to get Swiss Asset Management Licenses
within 2 weeks for new owners.


- Swiss Bearer Shares and total anonymity;

- 10-30 years old Swiss Financial Shell Trust Companies (SA/AG);

- Taxes exemption or high reductions with Swiss Trust Companies;

- Shell Trust companies have Swiss depository/merchant bank accounts;

- Swiss e-banking;

- Total Worldwide Credibility with Swiss Old Established Financial Companies;

- Immediate access to investment capital and corporate credit through Swiss Bonds and

- Your Swiss Guarantee: Swiss Shell Trust Companies are in good standing and attested by aCPA.

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