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    Thumbs up - Anonymous OTC Platform (Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform)

    The AltUp service is an anomic over the counter cryptocurrency exchange platform,
    differing in operating principles from all known similar sites.

    The principle of operation of the UTC platform
    It is worth noting that what the over thecounter is is an off-exchange transaction, that is, such a transaction using a financial instrument, for example, stocks, bonds
    or a contract entered into by the parties directly, and not through an exchange. It’s possible to purchase cryptocurrency for a considerable amount on the usual one, but it is possible to implement it,
    but with significant nuances. Firstly, the volume of interest may be absent, and secondly, as you buy orders, you can see an increase in the value of the purchased coins,
    therefore, as such, there is no stable price there.

    If we consider transactions on the purchase of cryptocurrency outside the exchange, then there is the opportunity to agree on a fixed price, which was with a small
    margin in contrast to the exchange rate (most often + 1%), but ultimately, the acquisition was much more profitable.

    Back to the AltUp platform. Bitcoin serves as a basic asset valuation tool.
    Bitcoin's course and offer for altcoins is formed at a rate different from the course of other similar sites, thanks to suppliers
    Bitcoins willing to sell them with a minimum discount of 0.5%). Thanks to this, altcoin sellers can legally make arbitrage transactions and earn
    on the difference in rates with other sites (exchanges).

    Use of service
    In order to start the process of exchanging cryptocurrencies, it is necessary to replenish one of them. To do this, there is a “ENTER” button, after clicking which a number is generated
    a unique wallet to which to send the appropriate coins. After the transaction is completed, you need to wait some time for their transfer to the account.
    After the coins have arrived, nothing prevents from creating an exchange.

    To exchange alt for bitcoin, you need to go to the "altcoin exchange" button located in the upper menu on the left and then select a pair for exchange.
    In the list of open contracts that appears, which is a table consisting of several columns:

    1) Id transaction,
    2) Type of contract
    3) Profit
    4) Exchange rate
    5) Scope of the contract
    6) Amount to exchange
    7) The total amount after the transaction.

    There are two types of contracts:

    A standard contract is a contract in the creation of which the seller pays the entire amount to the MTC and expects the buyer to pay in full or in part.

    Collateral contract - this contract upon creation of which it is not required to deposit the entire volume, but only the collateral amount. The amount of collateral is calculated automatically,
    as a percentage of the contract volume (equal to the percentage of the discount). The buyer who agrees to redeem this contract, creates a request for the purchase of the MTC and awaits confirmation
    from the creator of the contract within 6 hours. If the seller of the military-technical cooperation for some reason did not confirm the request of the buyer or canceled it, then the deposit is charged to the balance
    Buyer in compensation for the expectation. By the way, the same discount for the buyer will be “profit”. It’s logical that the higher they make a discount,
    the sooner they make an exchange.

    The contract can be redeemed in full, and so horribly. Funds received from the implementation of part of the contract are automatically transferred to your balance sheet and are ready for withdrawal.
    The rest of the funds will be transferred as soon as the contract is fully executed. The percentage of performance of your contract can be tracked on the Bitcoin exchange page.
    in the “my open contracts” section.

    The created contract can be canceled even if they are partially completed. When a contract is canceled, its balance is returned to the balance. You can do this on the “Bitcoin exchange” page.
    in the “my open contracts” section, by clicking on the “cancel” button in the line of the required contract and confirming your action.

    The minimum contract size is 0.0001 MTC.
    The maximum value is unlimited.
    The commission is not charged for the creation of an exchange contract; the commission is charged from the buyer of bitcoins.

    For example, if you need to make an exchange with ZEC a bitcoin, but there is no desire to wait until the transaction is completed, therefore you need to select the “buy BTC” button.
    The operation will happen instantly, however, the minimum discount amount will be reached.

    You can register on the site at this link AltUp

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    This is a massive amount of info.

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