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We can help you manage your forex account and at the end of every month, you will be making up to 80% profit.

We will trade forex for you. You don't have to do anything. All you have to do is to monitor your forex account and see the trades we execute and at the end of every month, you withdraw your profit.

We will trade for you for Free if you open a forex account with Instaforex using our affiliate link. You can fund your account with a minimum of $20. All profit made is 100% yours.

If you do not want to use our affiliate link to open your instaforex account, we will still trade for you for Free but you have to fund your account with a minimum of $100. Profit share is 40% - 60%. You will send us our own 40% share of profit made monthly and you take 60%. We can not withdraw profit. You will be the one to make withdrawal.

If you operate with some other forex broker that use meta trader 4. You have to fund your forex account with a minimum of $200. You will have to pay an initial trading fee of $50. Monthly profit share is 40% - 60%. We get 40% and you take 60%.

You can monitor our performance from your own terminal or client area.

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