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    Default Itís prime time to trade Netflix shares

    Netflix share price has risen 59% already this year and is expected to rise even further after the company posts its third quarter earnings figures

    If youíre already a Netflix (NFLX) subscriber you probably donít need too much convincing about how good it is and will appreciate why analysts are predicting that its share price is set to rise even higher, despite the fact that it has already grown 59% this year as it teases the $200 per share mark.

    You will notice from the chart that Netflix share price has a tendency to reach a peak as quarterly earnings figures are announced followed by a drop before picking up on its overall upward trend.
    If youíre not a Netflix subscriber then youíre one of the reasons why these analysts expect its share price to keep on rising. They expect that you soon will be. Streaming is the present and the future.
    Itís a service that meets the entertainment needs of our increasingly demanding lives. And once youíve subscribed itís hard to live without.
    Think of it as having unlimited access to one of those old video stores that you used to rent DVDs from. Only with Netflix you never need to leave your home to get your viewing entertainment and you watch what you want, when you want and as many times as you want.

    For More Detail : Itís prime time to trade Netflix shares

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