Some years back. I read about complaints of some signals providers on They were complaining that Zulutrade didn’t give them their commissions, and yet, they confessed that Zipsignals, a competitor to Zulutrade, gave out signals providers earnings as and at when due.

A signal provider generates automated traders on a platform and his followers copy the trades automatically. The signal provider gets paid from the commissions generated by the trades taken.

When I read the complaints, I checked Zulutrade website and saw they claimed to pay commissions promptly.

Later I signed up as a signals provider on the website, thinking my case will be different. I was wrong.

After 2 years, I applied to withdraw my commissions and I was sent all the info they required. Nothing was paid.

I’ve sent withdrawal request countless times after that, but nothing was paid (despite several promises that they would pay).

Signals providers on Zulutrade are wasting their time and energy.

The same goes for other websites and exchangers, when you see customers and users complaining, please don’t ignore the complaints.

The firm/company may publish a series of lies on their websites, like: We process withdrawals in 5 minutes,” “We have security features, etc.”

A website may be designed by world-class programmer. They may claim to have the best security features, but in the end, it boils down to the people behind the website.

If people behind a website are crooks and sadists, then the website layout would be of no advantage to you.

An employee may defend their website, but you’ll do well not to ignore warnings from customers who’ve used the services of the website.

I learned another lesson recently…

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