Bitcoin value currently around $10k but will be worth more than double by year end says Fundstrat

Fundstrat, one of Wall Street’s leading investment advisories, believes Bitcoin will soon return to the $20,000 value reached in 2017. Tom Lee is Fundstrat’s co-founder and has been a leading Wall Street strategist for 25 years. They published a cryptocurrency report (February 28) with analysis on price expectations also highlighting notable companies like Rakuten and plans to launch their own Rakuten Coin.CNBC spoke to Lee about the report where he added that he expected Bitcoin to reach $20,000 by the middle of the year. He also expects it to reach $25,000 by year end based on historical price trends and crypto-related announcements by major companies.Lee said: “The announcement by Rakuten is another example of positive developments in crypto in 2018, suggesting the large sell-off in Bitcoin and others at the start of the year was an overshoot to the downside.”
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