If you want to market Financial products such as Forex, CFDs or other Investment Products, we have the tools to set you up with your own White Label IB Financial Business.
Contact us in any of the four major languages, English, Chinese, Arabic, Russian and Spanish.
You will receive an IB agreement.
You sign an agreement and send it back to us.
You will receive an email from us that will include the following: your IB number, your IB certificate (will be mailed too), your own website in your own language hosted by us, your own demo system and your own online application that will tag your customers and identify them as yours.
You will get paid your rebates within 10 business days at the beginning of each calendar month.
Your own Web Site, Online Application, Demo Sales Lead generating and monitoring, Demo Confirmation text, Your own Financial Business.
24/7 access to the back office of your Demo and Real Platforms. You can see and monitor trading volume of your clients.
You can see and calculate your daily rebates, commissions and price widening in real time.
The White Label and Omnibus Partnership is FREE of charge. Offshore registered companies welcome