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    Default More need help than are saying

    I feel for invhope and his plea for assistance At least he's got the guts to ask . Like he says , it's not the funds fault . But it is the fault of what the fund intimated . Yeah , don't over commit , it's a risk , blah , blah , blah . He did'nt , but he make one fatal mistake . He dreamed . He dreamed it would at some stage give him a boost , a hand . Like us , he looked at his ROL climbing , chuckled to himself , told a few people they got to get into this thing .
    Probably thought OK I'm gonna earn money , but I will commit some to charity as is the fund's creed .
    Times get tough , but his last thoughts before sleep washes over him is the glowing radiance of his Fund and what problems it could help him solve .
    To take that from him is heartwrenching . He would probably be better off if it folded , then at least he can live in real time .

    Like invhope , we all live in hope , let's hope we don't die in vain .
    Good luck and God's speed invhope.

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    I know exactly how he must be feeling :(

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