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    Default How do I open an account for my frined?

    Hello... I want to open an account for a friend, and then transfer enough P.cP.y into it that she can enroll in P.cRealty. Can you please list the steps to open an account for my friend, then transfer funds from my account into hers. THX!!!

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    To undertake what you have mentioned and to suggest this gesture, can only be considered when parties involved are VERY close in trust with each other.

    Having said that, you can better start correctly by opening another account, have her name with yours attached and all her details added to the sign up. One can later edit the details to have hers shown completely. By then, the application should only reflect her and the property is also in her name, as the Notarized documents would show unless you too are legally a part of it too, which makes it all the more simpler to proceed.

    If NOT, than securing an acount first in both names and when the accumulated ROl is attained to qualify the 10% needed for transfer, you will by then have stepped out from the PIPs acct ownership and further arrangements with her are done outside PI Inc's involvement.

    If you need any more guidance, I'm sure others are also willing to help chip in their experience and viewpoints, goodluck.


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