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2% Why

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 08, 2005 7:27 am Post subject: 2% Why Reply with quote
educate4wealth wrote:
I woke up this morning at 6:00am and could not sleep any more. I couldn't get Bryan and PIPS out of my mind.

If there is one thing I cannot comprehend about Bryan and PIPS it is NOT HOW they can pay out 2% per day! What I cannot comprehend is WHY they are willing to do this for me!

I have had quite a bit of contact with professional investors and my personal friend list includes the CEO of a brokerage firm in Austin Texas as well as the president of the US Investor's Club. I have friends using the positional trading strategies taught by my friend who consistently earn 10 to 20 percent per month on their investments. I know that with consistent attention, adequate knowledge and tools and the ability to not get emotionally attached to your investments these returns are possible on a consistent basis regardless of whether the market is going down or up. It just has to be moving.

I have also been on a conference call with private placement traders who operate in a world that we cannot even imagine. These are investors with at least 100 million to trade with. The returns they are able to consistently earn without even placing their money at risk would make your eyes pop.

All that being said... Did you know that PIPS really only needs to earn 2% monthly to be able to pay you 2% daily? That's right... Let me explain:

1. 2% daily for 6 months (aprox. 120 trading days) on $100 is about $240
2. $100 of the $240 is your own money being returned so that would be $140 needed or 140%
3. If PIPS trades options on at least a 12 to 1 margin as Bryan said, that means they only need to earn about 12% on actual money to earn 140% over 6 months. That is 2% per month!

Of course we know that PIPS is not only trading options and Forex but also is involved in even more lucrative investments with their money.

Also they are trading their own money along with ours which decreases the needed earnings even more. Therefore the HOW does not even hold my attention for long. But WHY???

OK, this brings me back to my original statement. I cannot comprehend why Bryan and Sharon would be willing to put up with me and all of the rest of us and actually share his wealth with us.

Believe me folks. Bryan does not need us. He could easily spend his time managing his money and live like a king with only a small amount of time invested daily. He could relax on the beach or by his pool and be waited on hand and foot. (don't get any ideas Bryan! Smile ) Is that perhaps the life you dream about?

Apparently Bryan is not like that. Apparently he has a dream and that dream is to empower individuals like me to make a difference in the world. Could it be that Bryan wants to put the money in the hands of tens of thousands of people so that the job of helping others is evenly distributed and this huge task and responsibility of relieving poverty and suffering and eliminating disease is taken on by many hands instead of only a few? It could be... I don't know.

I plan to go to Hawaii and see if I can get closer to the answer to this question. Bryan, I hope you are ready!

What I do know is that Bryan is more of a man than I am. If I get bombarded by negativity from those I am seeking to help, I find it very hard to push forward.

Please, lets rally behind this man and help him realize his dream. Let's lift him up and encourage him to go forward even when it seems that many of those he is helping are ungrateful.

I can only imagine what a difference it would make in the world if all this money was in the hands of people who want to make a difference! Just remember that along with increased money comes increased responsibility to your brother.


danish wrote:
Hi many,

12:1 margin means that in say the options or forex market the money you put in as capital is not the amount that you get to invest. A 12:1 margin means you put in an amount of say $100,000 dollars into a forex or options account, but the actual investment size that goes into the market is 1.2 million dollars. Marign is the same as leverage.
In forex the leverage or margin can be as high as 100:1 or more. Therefore 12:1 is quite conservative.
Another way that Pips is making money is through buying blocks of shares from companies for a discount as much as 17%. Companies do this because they don't wont to flood the market with new shares and drive down the share price, so they privately place blocks of shares with other companies who then slowly sell off these. When Pips does this they make often 17% + on these shares.
It was good when Brian went into this detail at a meeting we had in Auckland New Zealand with him recently.
He said that the % they have to make each day to give as our 2% is only 0.012% on Pips total investment.

Regards Torben

Orsetti wrote:

I guess, the answer, why Bryan is doing this is simple. He wants to help people. It is, what he says and I believe him. I guess, Bryan has been under the influence of the "asian way of thinking" for a long time (I could imagine, that Sharon has something to do with this).

It is interesting, that if someone does anything for others, we have a problem to understand, why. The typical egoistic way of thinking, that we have in western countries is not neccessary for being successfull. There is some truth in the saying, that divided pleasure is doubled pleasure. You can see PI as a good example for this. PI is extremly growing (even with all these growing pains). That usually is a typical sign for a company, that is directed in a humanitary way.

Referring to the "asian way of thinking": if you have the possibility to speak i.e. with a Japanese or Chinese person, you should take the time, to speak with this person about his cultural background. One of the most common known ideas of the "asian way of thinking" is this: "If you save a persons life, you are responsible for this person for the rest of your life". In our western societies we would say: "If you save a persons life, this person has to be gratefull to you, for the rest of it`s life". See the difference?

So it is my guess, that the time in Asia, and his marriage with Sharon may have influenced Bryan to help others, to help them, to help others, to help them....
And since Bryan has the knowledge, how to operate a business like PI, and seems to have the necessary contacts, I would imagine, that he decided to use his capabilities to help other people. The Japanese society shows, that if people cares for each other, prosperity and wealth can be generated, without the strictly egoistic thinking of our western societies. Solidarity is the correct word for this. And because Bryan shows solidarity with less lucky people, he now creates an extremly well growing business. Bryan understood, what most businessmen never will understand: that the best way to make a business running, is to offer people help. Because people need and accept this help.

So far my opinion on this. And therefore I guess, we should Sharon thank the same way, we thank Bryan.

Greetings from Germany

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