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PIPS for Newbies

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 18, 2005 1:51 pm Post subject: PIPS for Newbies Reply with quote

INDEX HERE..........Related Thread(s)..........
PIPS 101..........
SUPPORT Ticket System/Email/Phone numbers etc

PIPS for Newbies

At this time the following browsers work 100% with all functions including buying units and Picpay for a PC.

Avant browser HERE
Crazy browser HERE
Deepnet HERE
Internet Explorer HERE
Maxthon HERE

Plus Mozilla Foxfire in this fashion:
proracr wrote:
If you log in to your account using Mozilla Firefox, you can right click on the "Buy Units" page and there is an option to "View page in IE" which will open the Buy Units page in Internet Explorer and you can purchase units without closing Mozilla Firefox. When the transaction is complete, you just close the IE page and continue using Firefox. (That's how my Mozilla Firefox works) To include this feature in Firefox, you must download the ieview 0.86 extension which can be found on the Mozilla Firefox website https://addons.mozilla.org/extension...&pageid=10 Very Happy

For a MAC, Internet Explorer will work under OS X 10.3. Also reported good results on Opera and Netscape 6.2 or above for the Mac.

If you do not receive confirmation emails, check your email address and make sure there are no Under_score, dashes, capitals, special characters, spaces, special dots example: [email protected], edit your email, ensure that there are NO spaces at the end of your email address. Still having problems - change to yahoo? just for a test

PIPS Login
When Logging in Please insure the CapsLock is off & Number Lock is On. Remember ID & Password should be in Lower case letters plus numbers - No Special characters.
Common Abbreviations
ROL - Return On Loan
AF - Available Funds
RF - Reserve Fund (Reserved for your 6 Monthly Units)
PF - Pool Fund - Changed to Reinvestment Fund - ReInvests in increments of $25 on the following day that the Reinvestment Fund reaches $25, $50, $75 etc.

Support Phone numbers & email
Choose Support - Support Root

To view your Overall Statistics
Choose Member Hot Functions - View Stats
Note: This is where you will view your ID, Address, Phone Number, AF (Available Funds) in which your ROL are paid to be withdrawn, and Loan Percentage. Please check your account at least once per week.

To Edit your Profile - choose Member Hot Functions - Edit Profile - Scroll to the bottom of the page and Select your Percentage - Click Save
This is where you can change your Loan percentage Normally 100/0 to start, as in 100% reloan and 0% withdrawal. You must change this when you sign up or it will be set to 0/100. Note: Your password will be editable, but your username is fixed for life, so choose it carefully when joining.

To Edit your Password
Please submit a ticket to PIPS Support.

To make a Withdrawal - choose Account Manager -
Withdrawals - choose Picpay - Submit - Complete ID & Password details - Submit
Note: Picpay is your only option to withdrawal from AF, no exceptions. The Minimum withdrawal to Picpay is $25. The First time you make a withdrawal to Picpay, you will be asked your Picpay ID, once you type this in, it is fixed for all future withdrawals, so type it carefully the first time with no Capital letters. If you make a mistake, then you must submit a ticket to PIPS Support or call PIPS Support SUPPORT Ticket System/Email/Phone numbers etc

To transfer from Pips to Picpay (Same as making a Withdrawal) Smile
1. Go to Member Hot Function/Edit Profile and change your percentage to something less that 100/0, (examples 60/40, 70/30, 80/20. 90/10) and click confirm.
3. Look at how much is available for withdrawing.
4. ENTER THE AMOUNT you want to withdraw
5. Click on Picpay.
6. Click SUBMIT.
7. Picpay will charge 2% of the amount withdrawn.

Opening an account the First time using a credit card
1. Go to https://pips.pipsinc.com/guest/pips_...&menu_id=2
2. Read, then click to choose credit card
3. Click on Join Full Payment Option
4. Read and follow the instructions at the top.
5. Change the percentage to 100/0 for best results.
6. Click Agree, and confirm.
7. Enter your Credit Card information and Click Confirm.
8. To make further purchases of units via credit card, you must have your credit card verified through Picpay and pay for the units through Picpay.

Opening an account for a friend with $450 through Picpay:
x 2% Withdrawal fee
........50 cents to transfer from your Picpay account to PIPS
$459.50 Total required withdrawal from PIPS AF.

To Check Withdrawals - Choose Report Manager - Withdrawal Report

Note: you can Fund your account with a Credit card directly, but you must Fund your Picpay account to buy more units.

Loan Fund
Value of Loan Fund is the number of units you have multiplied by $25.00 and cannot be touched. This is what you draw your 1.9% ROI on. Keep in mind that if you joined at the $450.00 level with no additional Loan, you will not see any units show under View Loan Fund until the 2nd Month. See PIPS 101

To View Loan
Click in Loan Fund - View Loan Fund

To view ROL
Click on Loan Fund - View ROL - This displays the current Month - to display a different month or year, scroll to the buttom of the page and click on the month you need information on and click view. To find out why your ROL and View Loan are not the same, see PIPS 101 2nd post.

To Buy Units
Click on Investment - Buy Units - 2% Per Day Program 180 Days - Type number of units - Tab for Total - Choose Credit Card Or Picpay - Click Submit.
Note: If you are having trouble buying units, the most common is cause is browser incompatibility, try switching to IE. 2nd most common error is caused by having capital letters or special characters in your Picpay account ID. If you have caps in your Picpay account ID, submit a ticket to Picpay support to change it to all lower case. Also not for Picpay activation errors, contact Picpay and not PIPS Support.

Also from Loan Fund choose

Loan Fund History Example only: Records & Milestones
Terms & Conditions Investment Info
See the Last few sentences - VERY IMPORTANT info:
- This is the fund that buys you the 6 units (auto deducted $8.10 every trading day) Note: If your Reserve Fund is much Greater than $170.00, then you should submit a ticket to PIPS Support Here
- This is the Fund that Accumulates the % Re-Loan u set.
This AUTO buys for you 1 unit for every $25 accumulated
Available Funds
- This is the Fund that Accumulates the % Withdraw u set. This you can Withdraw or Re-Loan Manually

Can't log into your PIPS Account?
Check to make sure your Caps Lock is Off/Number Lock is on

There is a Log Out on the top right corner and on the left under member Hot Functions, Please Log out each time you log in for your own security.

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Joined: 21 Mar 2004
Posts: 1377

PostPosted: Fri Feb 18, 2005 1:58 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
PIPS Addresses & Phone Numbers

Level 14(D), Main Office Tower,
Financial Park Labuan
Jalan Merdeka,
87000 Labuan, F.T.
Tel: +6087 453 858
Fax: +6087 453 616

Correspondence Office
No. 75-2 2nd Floor
Jalan 3/76D, Desa Pandan
55100 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +603 9283 6789
Fax: +603 9282 7890

Pureinvestor.Com Inc
PT7323 Jalan BBN1/2E
Bandar Baru Nilai
71800 Negeri Sembilan

PIPS Support (Includes Burn)


Pips Inc
2nd Floor, PT7323 Jalan BBN1/2E
Bandar Baru Nilai
71800 Negeri Sembilan

Picpay Support

Picpay Inc
1st Floor, PT7323 Jalan BBN1/2E
Bandar Baru Nilai
71800 Negeri Sembilan
IT Department

PIPS Datacentre
1st Floor PT7208
Bandar Baru Nilai
71800 Negeri Sembilan

5YTP Support

PicTrust Limited,
(Incorporated in New Zealand, Correspondence Address),
PT7208, 2nd Floor,
Jalan BBN 1/2G,
Bandar Baru Nilai,
71800 Nilai,
Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

Tel : +606 - 799 6607/+606 - 799 6608/ +606 - 799 6609.
Fax : +606 - 799 6625.

PIC Capital, PIC Realty and Traders

C/o PIC Realty
No. 75-2 2nd Floor
Jalan 3/76D, Desa Pandan
55100 Kuala Lumpur,