Paypro Get Back With This Update:

new Update From Paypronet:

Dear _________,

As You Have Noticed, Our Site Has Been Under A Massive And Aggressive Ddos Attack The Last Few Days. Our Existing Precautions Which Were Very Good And Up To Date, Were Not Sufficient To Protect Against This Very Aggressive Type Of Assault, So We Have Now Entered Into An Agreement With A Protected Network Provider, Who Guaranties The Security And Reliability Of Our Corporate Systems. Future Attacks Are Now Highly Unlikely, And We Would Like To Apologize For Any Inconvenience�s Which You Have Encountered.

We At Paypro Would Like To Reassure You That These New Measures Are Secure And We Have Received A Guarantee From The Service Provider, So You Can Continue To Rely On Paypro To Offer A Safe, Stable And Secure Service To All Of Our Clients. Once Again We Apologize For Any Inconvenience You May Have Experienced.

Yours Truly

Net Paypro Performance Ltd.