Imagine the life of people who invested in Bitcoin years ago, today they are amongst the richest personalities in the world! So, what they did which you were unable to do? They were able to spot the potential, which most like you were unable to spot or were busy bashing it. But can that change now? Is it possible to travel back in time?

The answer is No! There is no Time-Machine built yet, but before your head drops, there is actually a possible alternative and that's called Liracoin! Liracoin is that chance which Life RARELY gives, the 2nd opportunity for people who missed Bitcoin, and even today they regret it!

Liracoin is a cryptocurrency, a digital currency built and applied to the blockchain, a public share registry.

Blockchain is the revolution, cryptocurrency is the first tool applied to the blockchain system. It makes digital currencies far more secure and immutable, as they are disconnected from the banking system, and also ensuring complete anonymity and nontraceability.

In a wave of thousands of cryptocurrencies, Liracoin has the chance to endure thanks to its community. Liracoin is since its conception a community-driven project, an autonomous and decentralised organisation, separate from any political limit, and has no geographical location.

Liracoin has three pillars as well as its strengths and differentiation features: Ambassadors, Adoption, and Application.

Liracoin is the currency of the people. Liracoin has shown its diffusion especially in Africa and in Europe, where 200 business started to accept Liracoin (LIC) as a means of payment.

Liracoin is a cryptocurrency built and applied to the blockchain, a public share registry. The production of Liracoin takes place through: 95% Proof-Of-Stake and 5% Proof-Of-Work. Liracoin uses the Green Mining technology Proof-Of-Stake, based on deposit, seniority, and transactions in which new Liracoins are forged for each block and combined with POW mining along with Scrypt technology. Liracoinís POS model reduces the risk of hacker attacks, data manipulation or concentration of value and monopolization of the market. This year, a hard fork will take place to go entirely to the POS technology.

So with Liracoin ALREADY in the portfolio of top investors, itís the opportunity you too join in!

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