My name Adi Pratama, I would like to introduce our company "BerlindoInv"

BerlindoInv as one of the largest and most active brokerage firms in the futures trading industry, BerlindoInv is committed to continue to spearhead the growth of futures transactions in Indonesia through the operation and implementation of a transaction system is orderly, fair, efficient and transparent so that is increasingly accepted by society.

BerlindoInv maintains its values of professionalism, education and quality service in accordance with international standards, and are supported by professionals with extensive experience in the futures business. By providing quality service and timely information, we are determined to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. Our mission is highly-implemented in order to meet our main commitment of becoming 'Lifetime Investment Partner'.

Investment Package

Why Choose Us?

  • Small investment start from $10
  • Professional trader
  • Complete Payment method
  • High technology
  • Security Guaranteed
  • Accept deposit from by more than 130 banks in Indonesia
  • Accept Western Union and Money Gram
  • Free SMS Alert