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    Thumbs up Welcome to UWC Financial Services

    I am not admin

    Welcome to UWC Financial Services

    UWCFS stands for:
    Fine, send money online!

    Welcome to UWC Financial Services (UWCFS), your reliable provider in online money transaction business. We offer B2C and B2B online money wiring, currency exchange and money sending services (internet money transfer opportunities). UWCFS issues international debit cards and provides other consumer financial services as well. Let us go into details - UWCFS stands for:

    Ultimate money sending services

    Whatever you wish to do – send money online to bank account, wire money from bank to bank or simply transfer some money to your family or friends – you can send cash online with comfort! First, we cooperate with Contact remittance provider that makes each online transaction the fastest money transfer available. Feel free to receive and send internet money transfers almost immediately. Second, customers can enjoy our money sending services in 70,000 locations and 100 countries worldwide. Third, each online money transaction is protected with strong 128 bit SSL encryption, so you can be 100% sure that wherever your money is going to, the recipient will get the payment.

    Worldwide online money wiring

    With UWCFS, you can send / receive online money wire transfers to and from almost anywhere in the world. Wire money from bank to bank or send money online to your bank account at ease! The cost of transaction can be paid by sender or recipient or be shared between the parties (we offer competitive rates). Online money wiring was never as safe, fast and comfortable as today.

    Currency exchange services

    Benefit from exchanging currencies at the best rates 24/7. You simply pay in the necessary amount into your account, convert it into a currency of your choice and transfer the funds onto the specified account. Online currency exchange service is a good add-on to the internet money transfer and money wiring services by UWCFS.

    Fantastic international debit card – get yours!

    Top up your UWCFS Quick Card using credit card money transfer and enjoy all the benefits of USD / Euro MasterCard® prepaid cards. UWCFS Quick Card is an international debit card in the nutshell, linked to your UWCFS account. You can also order separate prepaid cards for your family and friends, share money with them easily and avoid those expensive money transfers. Feel free to use your international debit card for purchases in stores, by phone or online.

    UWCFS Quick Card – Prepaid MasterCard Withdrawal for Liberty Reserve,PerFect Money,OKpay,LiqPay,Moneybooker and ather...

    The UWCFS Quick Card is a Prepaid Card that comes in US DOLLARS

    Our Prepaid Cards have most of the features of an ordinary debit card, but since they are not linked to a bank account, they are granted without any credit checks.

    Globally accepted!

    The Prepaid Card comes with an online account, and has no opening or service fees. Online balance enquiries and statements are free.

    Our Advantages

    * • Accepted WORDLWIDE whenever there is a MasterCard? sign.
    * • SECURE shopping online, by phone and at stores
    * • NO OVERDRAFT as it is not linked to a bank account
    * • EASY TO BUDGET as you cannot spend more than has been prepaid.
    * • EASY TO SHARE with a friend/family member or an employee/affiliate abroad, while benefiting from highly competitive exchange rates and no transfer fee.
    * • PRACTICAL as wages and/or benefits can be paid directly to the card...

    Sophisticated corporate / consumer financial services

    From special offers for students to cheque cashing services – UWCFS guarantees you an easy solution for managing your financial needs.

    Yes, it’s that easy: you can start to use our financial services simply by opening a UWCFS account. To start registration, please complete our online application form, or contact us by telephone or email.

    UWC Financial Services - Learn More

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    MY Transaction Notification Dear ..., We wish to confirm a deposit to your account 00118630001 dated 05/03/2012 at MP-FUNDING- for USD 141.76 Please do not hesitate to contact us at +44 208 899 6970, should you have any queries in this regard. Regards, Customer Support Team UWCFS Ltd ______________________ Dear ...., We wish to confirm a debit on your account 00118630001 dated 02/03/2012 at for USD 100 Please do not hesitate to contact us at +44 208 899 6970, should you have any queries in this regard. Regards, Customer Support Team UWCFS Ltd

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