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Welcome To Project High R.O.A.

Because all programs arent created equally. Since the advent of Studio Traffic, largely regarded as first autosurf program, the last few years have introduced many a get-paid-to program. Some are better than others, while most of these sites dont last for more than a few months, some dont even make it past a few weeks. Reason being? Unstable rebates, inept management, and downright greed. Typically, the only ones getting rich are the scammers in the industry. These are mostly set up as pure ponzi-type programs offering no real stability or income possibility. To compound matters, admins run programs taking significant portions of the pot, thereby reducing any extracurricular income they can generate, and ensuring that the majority of members will, at some point, lose their money. PHROA is an attempt to, at the very least, correct the dishonesty and greed apparent in most of these programs. The ROA offered is relatively high, but measures will be undertaken to avoid the pitfalls many sites suffer from.

We Offer Three Levels Of Memebrship Earning.

# Gold Membership - 10% Membership Commissions of Matrix Downline.
# Silver Membership - 5% Membership Commissions of Matrix Downline.
# Bronze Membership - 2.5% Membership Commissions of Matrix Downline.

Plans Available.

"surf 15 pages to earn a possible rebates"
# 1% x 365 Days. (Available for Bronze, Silver, and Gold Members)
# 2% x 65 Days (Available for both Silver and Gold Members)
# 9% x 15 Days. (Available exclusively for Gold Members)

At PHROA, we're committed to making a difference!

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Please do your DD before investing in any program.