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Who is behind S4R
A hearty welcome to Surfing-4-Roi.
I have to admit I'm not so good with intros, especially finding right words but I will give it a go!

We are two guys, just like you. We have been in the Online Money Making Arena for more than 9 years now. We met on a forum and when we started ICQ'ing each other we realized we had the same interests in different areas but with same morals and values.
After 2 years we thought to manage an Autosurf site. A project taken under serious consideration and we believe that we are now ready to start this new adventure.

I came up through the ranks, starting with surveys and the awesome Paid to world. That was really my first hard-earned money on Internet. But my first real and serious experience came with PIPS, in 2002. After then, in 2003, was StudioTraffic's turn. And I'm sure some of you also joined 4daily, Aussieearners, AlienTrust, 12dailypro, the latest AggeroInvestment and a lot of more well-known programs. I think I didn't miss any website, or hardly any.
In the meantime my friend introduced me the Online Betting World, as much exciting and complex world.
We have been teacher and student of each other.

But now I would like to set things straight.
Surfing-4-Roi isn't your key to success and will never be. I always saw this awesome world as a hobby, something fun I could do instead of playing online poker, blackjack or slot machines. An exciting game that brings you a lot of pleasure and emotions but at the same time pain and delusions.

We don't work with professional FX traders, we do not invest in nanotechnologies, we do not operate in real estate, constructions, oil, gas and a pile of crap we often read on websites promising you the moon.
We are just like you, as I wrote before. But we really think that thanks to the long experience gained during the last years we both believe that we can achieve important results..
But to do so, we need you! This project is not only ours, but mainly yours. We need your ideas to make this project a success!
To succeed we need to build trust and strengthen our relationships every time we will interact with you. We will go to great lengths to build positive relationships and maintain them.

This is one of the keys to a successful website, whatever it is.
This is what we feel is appropriate, and the only sustainable approach for a project like this.
Welcome to S4R!

Compensation Plans

Daily Commission 8.5% 8.0% 7.5%
Plan Duration 14 days 16 days 18 days
Minimum Deposit 2,00$ 50,00$ 75,00$
Maximum Deposit (?) 500,00$ 1.000,00$ 2.000,00$
Payout Type Manual Manual Manual
Payout Term (?) Expiration Expiration Expiration
Minimum Cashout 2,00$ 2,00$ 2,00$
Site to S4R (?) 25 25 25
Surf Ratio (?) 1:1 1:1 1:1
Referral Commission 3.0% 3.0% 3.0%
Site Advertising (?) 3 3 3

The table is self explanatory, but as you can see one of the differences that may cause some confusion is that we offer lower daily commission for higher deposits.
Don't worry. We didn't make any mistake because the reason is really simple: long-term sustainable program. Our Compensation Plans gives you absolute freedom of choise: you build your strategy.

Surfing-4-Roi works the same way as other Autosurf sites, but we believe that we have that little bit extra that might differ Surfing-4-Roi from others.

Catch this opportunity and you will find out why our slogan says: not just like others.

Principal and Profit will be paid once compensation plan is completed.

Site to surf to get your daily compensation.
You will get 1 credit every website you surf. Our rotator is set to 25 seconds.
You will need only 10 minutes a day to get your daily commission.
Amount of website you may advertise.
It's also equivalent to the maximum amount possible for active deposits.

You may have more active deposits, but the total amount of active deposits must not exceed this limits.

For more information, visit

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Please do your DD before investing in any program.