The New Internet Cash Club
The Largest Paid to Click Site on the Internet Today!

Did you know that you can join TNICC totally free? Be paid weekly

without ever using your own money!

Did you know that you can join TNICC totally free? Be paid weekly

without ever using your own money! In other words,
"Realize Your Financial Dreams"!

Enjoy a 32% Monthly Rebate on all Ad Packages Purchased.

Celebrating our Second Year!
We have designed The New Internet Cash Club for serious

entrepreneurs who want to earn real cash rebates while promoting

their products. TNICC provides a realistic online opportunity for

you to drive traffic to your websites while earning credits for

viewing other member's web-pages.

Each Advertising Position costs $10.00 with a maximum of 10,000

upgrades. You may purchase as many upgrades at one time as you wish

until your maximum is achieved. An 8% rebate on all Ad Packages

purchased will be paid weekly or as soon as the $15.00 minimum is

reached. First time upgrade is bought will award the advertiser

1,000 credits. Free members can surf the sites for credits only on

a 1:2 ratio. We have a great community of members who are eager to

view your services, products and business opportunity.

We offer our members 5% Commissions on all referrals for Upgraded

Members. We don't charge payment fees and our current payment

processors are Alertpay,
E-gold, and Safepay

Please take time to read our FAQ's and Terms.

Click Here and join us in our Conference Room. Our scheduled Admin

days are Monday and Thursday. The times we will be available are

8-10 p.m. est. Everyone is welcome to come in and chat.

Participation is open to all TNICC members. Tickets cost $2.00 each

and can be purchased from the back office under upgrades. A prize

valued at $100.00 will be included in this next drawing held live

on Sept 27th at 10 pm est.
Paid To Click Area
TNICC's Paid to Click Area is one of the largest on the Internet

Today. Payments of $.05 to $.01 per site viewed for all members.

Offers you more sites to click on than any other program on the

internet today.
Join Our Team Today!

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