If you are not familiar with the concept of being 'paid to surf',

think of it as watching 'web' commercials, similar to watching TV

commercials. On TV, advertisers pay large sums of money to have

their ad's aired to the masses, and in return you get to watch your

favorite TV programming free of charge. Paid to surf sites are

similar, in that advertisers pay to have their website's shown to

the masses, with one major difference, the viewer is paid to view

these website's.
UpGraded Members

Free Members

1:1 Surf ratio
15 second timer for viewing site ads
1000 free credits
.5% daily for surfing 20 sites
Upgrade Units $1 each
5% Referral Commission
2 sites to advertise
0.8:1 Surf ratio
you can test our system for 30 days

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