ProvidentSurf is a paid to surf site. At ProvidentSurf, both Advertisers and Surfers are benefited. Advertisers can get a great exposure to their site by exposing it to thousands of users from all over the world. Surfers can start earning right from their home by viewing our advertiser's sites. You can earn 12% of your Upgrade level for a period of 12 days, totaling to whooping 144% return. We also give a rewarding 12% referral commission for Upgraded members and 6% for Free members. The best part of our site is the "Instant Payout" system by which you can cashout your earnings instantly to your e-gold.

* Earn 12% daily for 12 days.
* Cashout Instantly.
* No minimum payout.
* 12% referral commission.
* Upgrades from $6 to $6000.
* Advertise 3 sites.

* Earn 6% referral commission.
* Cashout Instantly.
* No minimum payout.
* Advertise 1 site.

Follow these steps to cashout your earnings Instantly:
Step 1: Click "Cashout" button and enter the amount you want to withdraw. Click the "Preview" button and on the next page click "Confirm".
Step 2: After that goto "Cashout History" and click the "Process" button corresponding to the cashout request you have just made.
The withdrawal request will be processed Instantly to your e-gold account.



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