DavKarSurf.com is a 'paid-to-autosurf' traffic exchange in which advertisers pay members to view their advertisements.

DavKarSurf is DEPENDABLE and RELIABLE. Come Join us as we begin our 6th month.

Our Plan is to build and maintain consistency for the long term.

Upgraded Members: (NEW: 4 UPGRADES AT ONE TIME)

Earn 4.3% daily. ROI is 129% for 30 days surfing 15 pages per day.

Upgrades are $5.00 1:1 Surfing Credits

500 credit bonus monthly

Payments made within 72 hrs after expiration, most

within 24hrs

Earnings abide by the 50/50 Rule for amounts over $1000

Free Members:

0.5 Surfing Credits for each page viewed

100 Free credits for joining



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