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Global Surf United is an Auto-Surf website. We are different from the "HYIP" or "PONZI" programs that the industry has been hit with. We have real investments in which provide the returns to our members. We provide a 5% For 26 Day rebate program.

Global Surf United's main goal, is to build a partnership with all its members and to provide a real income, without all the hassels of most Auto-Surf's. Global Surf United is here and will be here for a long time to come. We are in business for our members and to put forth the effots, to provide our members the returns they require, With Payments, ON TIME. EVERY TIME.

5% For 26 Days (130%)
1% x 1 Lvl - unlimited referrals
Accepting AlertPay and STP
Surf 17 Sites For 13 Seconds To Earn
Active Upgrade Rule

Ticket System and live support via Skype

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