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    Default Good News!!Update from

    Re: Securities and Exchange Commission v. Charis Johnson, LifeClicks, LLC, and 12Daily Pro; USDC, Central Dist. of CA, Case No. CV 06-01018-NM(PLAx)

    As communicated previously to the Court and the investors of 12daily Pro ("12DP"), the Receiver's goal is an equitable distribution of receivership estate funds. In order to achieve this goal, the Receiver must gather information from investors in a two-step process. The first step involves the setting up of an interactive web portal to gather information from investors. This letter is being sent to you to provide information and instructions for logging in to the web portal and providing your contact information and 12DP account(s) information.

    The web portal is located at Login. Please log in and you will be asked to set up a username and password. The username will be your current email address. You should use the email address at which the Receiver can contact you. Once you have set up a username and password, an email will be sent to you with an activation code. You must retrieve this activation code in order to proceed. Once you have entered the activation code, you will be asked to provide your

    (a) Name,

    (b) Current address, and

    Account numbers for any and all accounts at 12DP (including accounts at StormPay, Inc., e-gold, Ltd. or EMO Corporation).

    Please click on the appropriate tabs for 12DP, StormPay, EMO and EGold to enter your account numbers. If you had more than one account at any of these entities, you will have the opportunity to enter additional accounts by clicking on the "Add" box. All information provided by investors through the web portal will be kept secure and will be used only by the Receiver.

    If you have any problems logging into the investor web portal or entering your contact and account information, please visit the Receiver's website at Thomas F. Lennon, Inc. and click on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Re Web Portal and Claims. If your question is not addressed in the FAQs, please email the Receiver at [email protected] or call the dedicated investor telephone line at (619) 464-6691.

    Once investors have logged in and provided their contact and 12DP account information, it is the Receiver's intention to obtain permission from the Court to use the web portal to establish investor claim amounts and resolve any disputes with respect thereto. It is anticipated that claims will be calculated using a simple money-in, money-out formula (or "MIMO" formula). After investors have logged in, the Receiver will make each investor's transactions with 12DP and MIMO claim amount available to them. Further instructions will be provided for the submission of documentation if investors disagree with their MIMO claim amount.

    Once all disputes regarding investor claim amounts have been resolved, the Receiver will provide the Court with a schedule of allowed claims and request permission to distribute receivership estate funds on a pro rata basis.

    Please check the website for updates and further information including answers to Frequently Asked Questions Re Web Portal and Claims.
    All the best to 12dp investors.



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    Default Good News!!New Updated FAQ regarding Case

    Dear Rolclub Members
    This is the latest updated FAQ of 12dailypro case webportal. Please have a look and do according to the instructions given here to claim your money.

    Thomas F. Lennon

    U. S. District Court Receiver

    For 12daily Pro et al.

    Frequently Asked Questions Re Web Portal and Claims

    These FAQs are presented as part of the information investors may need in order to understand and utilize the Investor Web Portal and for the processing of claims.

    How do I get to the Investor Web Portal?

    From the Receiver's main webpage (Thomas F. Lennon, Inc.), click on the link that says "Investor Web Portal – LOGIN HERE". You will be directed to the login page.

    If I haven't already logged in, how do I set up an account and log into the Investor Web Portal?

    From the login page, click on the link underneath the "Login" button that says "Create a new account." You will be directed to a page that asks for your name, current email address, a password, and your street address. You will also need to check the box that says "I agree to the terms of use" and then click "Register" in order to proceed.

    An activation code is then sent to the current email address you provided. The activation code is required for security purposes. You must retrieve the activation code from your email in order to proceed. Once you have entered the activation code, you will be granted access to the Web Portal.

    Please note: if you change your current email address at any time, you will need to go through the activation code process again.

    What should I do if I set up an account but I don't receive an email with my activation code?

    It is possible that the email with your activation code was blocked by your email spam filter or your email provider's anti-spam software. First, check your junk or rejected email box to see if you have received an email from the following email address:

    [email protected]

    This email address should be added to your "allowed list" of email addresses that are not blocked by your anti-spam software. If you are still unable to find your activation code, please send an email to [email protected] or call the Receiver's dedicated investor telephone line at (619) 464-6691. Make sure to include your username in your message. You will get an email message or someone from the Receiver's office will call you with your activation code.

    When I logged in before there were 12DP, StormPay, EMO and E-Gold tabs where I could enter an email address and account number. Why are those tabs no longer showing?

    The 12DP, StormPay, EMO and E-Gold tabs have been removed now that the Web Portal has been updated to show reports of investor transactions and MIMO Amounts. The 12DP, StormPay, EMO and E-Gold tabs were used to gather investor email addresses and account numbers so that each investor's transactions could be identified and linked together if the investor used multiple accounts in connection with 12DP. Now that the Web Portal has been updated, you should see all of your accounts listed when you access your report under the "Transactions" tab (discussed below). If not, follow the steps described below to access additional reports for your missing accounts.

    How do I see the Receiver's MIMO calculation of my claim? (For explanation of MIMO, see answer to this question below)

    Once you have entered the Web Portal, you will see a page with two tabs – a "Current Info" tab and a "Transactions" tab. The "Current Info" tab lists the contact information you have already provided. The "Transactions" tab is where you will find your 12DP account information and the Receiver's calculation of your claim. By clicking on the "Transactions" tab, you will see a report of your 12DP transactions listed.

    Please note: If you do not see a report listed on the "Transactions" page, it is because the Receiver has not been able to link any 12DP account data to the current email address that you provided. Therefore, on the "Transactions" page, you will need to enter an email address that you used in connection with 12DP, StormPay, EMO or e-gold, or an account number assigned to you by one of those entities. Once you have entered either an email address or an account number and clicked on the "Add" button, the Web Portal will retrieve a report of all transactions linked to that email address or account number.

    By clicking "view" on the report, you will be directed to a screen listing your transactions. (Please note: you may need to adjust the size of the report on your screen in order to see all of the information. The far right hand column should have the heading "Net Amount"). "). You can also access the report in Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF format by selecting one of these formats from the drop down menu at the top of the report and clicking on the "export" link. The MIMO Amount is listed at the bottom of the report. Please review the report carefully, including the explanation of the MIMO Amount provided at the bottom of the report.

    What do I do if the report of my transactions is missing some of my 12DP account information?

    If the report does not show all of the accounts you had with 12DP, go back to the "Transactions" page, add the email address or account number associated with your missing account and click "Add". This should produce an additional report. Repeat this process if there are additional accounts that you had with 12DP that are not listed.

    Please note: each report may have more than one account listed on it. If you try to add an account that is already shown on a report listed on your "Transactions" page, you will get an error message saying that you can not add the account because it is already included in one of your reports.

    What does it mean if my Net MIMO Amount is a negative number (shown by parenthesis)?

    This means that your investments in 12DP exceeded the distributions from 12DP to you Internet account. You will have an allowed claim in this amount if you click the "Accept" box for your reports.

    What does it mean if my Net MIMO Amount is a positive number?

    This means that the distributions from 12DP to you Internet account exceeded your investments in 12DP. You will not have a claim unless you click the "Dispute" box for one or more of your reports and submit a proof of claim and supporting documentation. The proof of claim form can be downloaded and printed from the Web Portal and the Receiver's main website. The proof of claim form has instructions on it regarding what information must be provided and what additional documentation must be submitted.

    If I have more than one report, how is my Net MIMO Amount calculated?

    Your claim amount is the net of the MIMO Amounts on your reports. This amount is shown at the bottom of your list of reports on the "Transactions" page as your "Net MIMO Amount."

    For example, if you have two reports, the first one shows a positive MIMO amount of $1,000.00 (meaning that your distributions exceeded your investments by that amount) and the second report shows a negative MIMO amount of ($2,500.00) (meaning that your investments exceeded your distributions by that amount), your Net MIMO Amount would be ($1,500.00), meaning that you would have a claim in that amount if you check the "Accept" box for both of your reports.

    If, on the other hand, you have one report with a positive MIMO Amount of $5,000.00 and a second report with negative MIMO amount of ($3,000.00), you would have a Net MIMO Amount of $2,000.00 (meaning that, in the aggregate, the distributions to your Internet account(s) exceeded your investments in 12DP by that amount). Thererfore, you would have no claim unless you check the "Dispute" box for one or both of the reports and submit the required proof of claim form and supporting documentation.

    What do I need to do if I want to dispute the MIMO Amount listed on one or more of my reports?

    For any and all reports that you wish to dispute the MIMO Amount, you must first check the "Dispute" box on the "Transactions" page. You must then download and print the proof of claim form which is available from both the Web Portal and the Receiver's main website. You must read the claim form carefully, fill it out, attach copies of all documentation supporting your claim and send it to the Receiver's office at the address provided on the form. Each investor must only submit one proof of claim regardless of how many reports you are disputing.

    What is the deadline to either accept or dispute my claim amount?

    The Receiver will shortly be filing a Claims Procedure Motion. In that motion, he will be requesting that a deadline (or "bar date") be set for disputing the Receiver's MIMO claim amounts. Once it is filed, investors will be able to view the Claims Procedure Motion from the Receiver's website. Investors will also be given notice of the bar date for disputing their MIMO claim amounts. It is anticipated that investors will have until January 31, 2008 to accept or dispute their MIMO claim amounts and submit the required proof of claim form and supporting documentation (if they dispute their MIMO claim amount).

    If I elect to submit a proof of claim, what happens next?

    Once the bar date has passed and the Receiver has reviewed all proofs of claim, the Receiver will file objections to proofs of claim that fail to show (with supporting documentation) that the claim amount listed on the proof of claim is the correct MIMO claim amount for that investor. These objections will be filed with the Court and determined by the Judge. If the Receiver objects to your claim, you will receive notice of the objection and instructions regarding how to file a response. The Court will then determine the appropriate amount of the claims to which the Receiver has objected.

    When will I get my money?

    Once all disputes regarding MIMO claim amounts have been resolved and a Distribution Plan has been approved by the Court, a Pro Rata distribution (for an explanation of "Pro Rata", please see below) will be made to investors.

    Will I get all of the money I paid in? How much will I get?

    The amount of funds which will ultimately be distributed to investors is not known at this time. The Receiver has recovered 12DP funds as directed by the Court and continues to pursue other sources of funds. Recovered funds are held in money market accounts with interest accruing during the case.

    What Does MIMO mean?

    MIMO (or Money-in, Money-out) means actual funds invested by a 12DP investor in 12DP ("Money-in"), less all payments of principal, interest, commissions or other amounts paid to such 12DP investor (including credit card chargebacks or reversals of electronic fund transfers) on account of their investment in 12DP ("Money-out").

    What does Pro Rata mean?

    A Pro Rata distribution means that all investors with allowed claims will receive a distribution that is the same percentage of their allowed claim amount. The percentage is determined by the amount of funds available to be distributed to investors (after payment of all administrative costs) divided by the total dollar amount of all allowed claims.

    How will the claims be paid?

    The Receiver is currently investigating various means of transmitting distributions to investors, including electronically, so that investors can access their distributions via e-mail. The Receiver intends to seek approval of a means of transmitting distributions as part of his Distribution Plan.

    What should I do if the tabs on the account info page do not work?

    The suggested browser for use to navigate this site is Internet Explorer Version 7. You will need to make some setting changes on your browser, if the tabs do not work:

    1. In your browser, go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Security
    2. Click on the "Custom Level" button
    3. Scroll down to "Scripting" and ENABLE "Active Scripting"
    4. Click "OK" to save your settings

    Click here or refer to FAQ Tab Settings for a guide on what settings need to be changed.

    Congratulations to all 12DP investors who will receive net claim.


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