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How does it work?
Once you click on View For Credits on your accounts main

page, you will receive 0.8 Credits for every website you

visit. One visitor to your website(s) is equal to one

credit. If you have no website to promote, use the

credits to make REAL money.

You also receive 20% of the credits your referrals earn!
Every time the members who joined with your referral

link visit a website you will receive 0.2 credit in

return and you can have unlimited referrals! You also

receive 500 bonus credits when a new member joins!

How can I make my website more effective?
We recommend using a specially designed page that makes

use of things such as big headlines, catchy phrases,

bright colors, etc. Anything that may attract a visitors


Are there any limitations?
Your website(s) cannot have any adult related material,

pop-ups/unders, JavaScript alert boxes, rotators,

redirects, or windows that load with your website, exit

pop-ups, etc.

If you have any questions please visit our FAQ or

Contact us.

Contact: - Contact

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