Welcome to DarkHalzen profit sharing model !
We are more than just your average GET PAID site
We pay our members based on their participation within

our program
Our system is designed to out last every GET PAID

program out there
With DarkHalzen there is no chance of program failure or

pay problems
Take a couple seconds to read more and you will find out


Most of the sites online pay back based on a set

Your pay rate at DarkHalzen is based on your

This system stops the hit and runners and ensures a long

No matter how much you purchase you get paid back 160%

Its up to you how quick you make your profits everyday
You can choose your pay level and bonus pay

We pay from 2% to non participating members up to 16%

for active users
Our pay system is easy and the most stable online

If you decide not to repurchase your knight level drops
1 day for Dark High Knights
5 days for High Knights
10 days for Knights
Low knights get 2% until the 160% of your level gets


You can decide to repurchase 50% to become a High Knight

again at anytime
Also can only repurchase 25% and become a Knight at

Then the level drops start all over again from your full

membership level

Instant Referral Pay on 3 levels down

1st level - 5%
2nd level - 2%
3rd level - 1%

All of our payouts are paid instantly upon surfing 5

sites everyday
Dark High Knights and High Knight get paid a bonus

everyday based on our TIL (Total Income Level)
This is a bonus for participating members who want to

earn the most everyday
The TIL is determined from DarkHalzen's profit level for

the last 7 days to ensure the pay is fair
The bonus cash is paid instantly without request at the

close of everyday

You can also earn more by sending new members into your

We pay on 3 levels: 5% - 2% - 1% Referral cash is

paid instantly when they make purchases

Support: support AT darkhalzen.com
Advertising: ad_info AT darkhalzen.com

For more information, visit

DarkHalzen : More than just profit sharing

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