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    Default bigcashsurf -

    Welcome to!
    What is is an advertising and traffic exchange company that provides you a great opportunity to earn 120% in 15 days only from the time you deposit. was specifically designed for you to maximize your online earnings while minimizing your efforts.

    We provide quality service to our members like fast, in time payments, dedicated server and active support for your questions.

    It is all for your convenience. Just join and try our service.

    Get a 8% ROI daily for 15 days just by investing with us! We do not have a 50/50 rule so invest with us today!
    How does it work?

    The first thing you should do is to create a free membership account within

    Upon signing up, you are given 10 days to evaluate your free membership and decide whether you will upgrade your account or not. If you do not upgrade during test drive, your free membership account will be automatically deleted from the system.

    After you upgrade your account to upgraded membership (recommended!) the only thing you need to do is to watch few sites every 24 hours for certain time to get daily ROI of your current level of membership.

    We give both free and upgraded members commission for upgrades of their referrals. Referral comission is paid within 72 hours upon request.

    * No 50/50 rule!
    * Earn 8% ROI daily for 15 days.
    * 1 Upgrade Unit equals to $3.
    * $3000 maximum upgrade level.
    * 1$ minimum payout.
    * Referral commission 5% paid to your e-gold account within 48 hours upon request.
    * Surf 15 sites daily in order to earn.
    * 300 credits bonus every month.
    * Add up to 5 sites.
    * Surf ratio 1:1.
    * Payout type is on upgrade expiration where total ROI will be paid to your e-gold account within 2 days.

    * Free members can surf for credits and earn referral commision as extra money.
    * 100 credits bonus every month.
    * Referral commission 2% paid to your e-gold account within 48 hours upon request.
    * 1$ minimum payout.
    * Add 2 sites only.
    * Surf ratio 0.5:1.
    * Surf maximum 100 sites per day.
    * Free members must upgrade with 1 unit minimum within 10 days or your account will be deleted automatically.



    For more information, visit


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