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    Default 11dailyplus -

    Welcome to 11DailyPlus!

    Want to make some big bucks just surfing websites?

    Then you've hit the right spot. The best part about

    auto-surfs is you get to sit and watch websites come up

    on your screen, and get paid for it. You really can't

    beat this system. Our innovative system limits the

    amount of spends each day to prevent too big of a

    launch, which kills all the big auto-surfs. Our

    auto-surf will actually be an auto-surf which within a

    couple weeks you may actually have to wait in line to

    spend money with us! (How crazy is that!) We have

    calculated the right amount of spends, and outside

    revenue needed to run our program efficiently for the

    next 2 years (Of course we are still planning after


    Program Plans

    General Benefits
    11% Daily For 14 days, 154% ROI
    15% Referral Commission
    1 Advertising Credit Per 1 Site View.
    Only 50 Sites Required To Surf Each Day To Get 11%
    Payouts Within 24 Hours Guaranteed.

    Advertiser Benefits
    1 Credit Per Site View.
    Quality and Real Traffic.
    Real-time Stats.
    24/7 Quick-Response Support.

    All the money earned at our amazing program is

    divided among the members (Somewhat like shared profit).

    If you promote other members to join our program you

    will receive a 15% referral commission! That's a good

    amount of cash to promote someone. Think if you upgraded

    your account and promoted (The money would just be

    flowing in!).

    Be sure to check us out on the following forum threads!


    11DailyPlus - The worlds most powerful 11 daily surf!

    For more information, visit

    11DailyPlus - The worlds most powerful 11 daily surf!

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    Interesting! The admin's name is mike!

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