Tired of Hyips and afraid of scams? Well Finally GGMVP has decided to make a investment program for E-gold that is trustworthy. You can invest any amount as long as it is at a min. of $1. What we do is we reinvest your earnings with our professional investors and the money we earn is given back to you as profits. We invest one time a day. So a daily random person will get paid the profits of the daily earned. We keep 10% of what we earned that day and the rest will be given to the random person. If you happen to want to take the money back we will give a full refund. Please try it and see for yourself. GGMVP is a very trust worthy program dedicated to help poor internet income earners make it through. Also if you have not joined the GGMVP Community Toolbar Join it now. Go to this website : GGMVP Toolbar for more info.

Program Plans

Instructions: First enter the amount you are going to invest. Then click the "Click Me to invest" icon on the right hand side of the page. You will then be brought to the E-gold payment page. Enter any Amount as long as it is above $1.00. On the Memo Enter Email address. Once you have paid for it, within 24 hours you will see your email address with your e-gold account on our page called GGMVP Investors Stats.

How it Works- Everyday a Random investor will be picked by our randomizer. That person will get the profits we made from investing from our funds. Everyone will get paid up to 190% of what they invest. To check your stats and how much you earned go to the GGMVP Investors page. All profits given to the random investor are automatic. We increase the gap of daily random payouts by every 7 people that invest. So if there are 14 investors at the moment we do 2 daily random payouts, 21 investors , 3 daily random payouts and ect. Everyone will be paid at least one daily random payout per week and if lucky two times.

Rules- This program will give 100% full refunds if you find us not trustworthy. We only do investments in E-gold. You can Exchange paypal money into E-gold or vice-versa in our Currency Exchange Page. It is safe to invest in our program because we have a backup plan in case our investments fail. We always have a reliable source of funds that will not fail on us. This is not a pyramid scheme. We are not a HYIP program because HYIP programs are 100% scam and they close within from 1m-5years. We will be on for a very long time. Only one invest per E-gold Account. You may add more funds to your account if you happen to want to enlarge your amount of return.

Been Paid the Full 190% or just like our Program?- Spread the word and assure others that our program is safe to use. Also comment our program in the "Rate Us" Page. And if your really like our program please rate us in our E-gold monitoring sites!

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