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TheProAds.com is paid to autosurf program and will be the fastest, easiest and most safe way to earn money on internet. We are the experienced and professional traders team involved in online trading for last many years. At TheProAds you will earn 8% daily for 15 days from your investments. Just surf 10 ads of our advertisers while you earn a total 120% from your investments. Also earn 3% referral commission to refer your friends and family members to us.

Most programs with HIGH ROI and DAILY or INSTANT payout died shortly thats why our team choose a low ROI and payout after upgrade expires. We guarantee you our program will never go down or disappear. We are here to stay for a long time.

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Site Features

Upgraded Members

8% daily for 15 days
8% x 15 days = 120% ROI
Advertise 2 websites
200 free Credits monthly
20 Sec. Timer
Surf 10 Ads to Earn 8% daily
Upgrade Cost $5 to $2000
3% referral commission
Minimum Payout $.01
Payout after upgrade expires
Payout within 48 hours
Secure & Fast Payment

Free Members

50 free Credits
Advertise 1 website
Earn credits to refer others
20 Sec. Timer
Upgrade within 10 days
No referral commission
No payout


TheProAds - The Professional Advertisements

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TheProAds - The Professional Advertisements

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