What is EGoldShare.Com?
EGOLDSHARE.COM offer excellent traffic exchange and advertising for all

your websites. You may advertise any website you wish, from other

Autosurf sites to home based businesses. We have decided to make a big

difference, by bringing honesty & stability back to the surfing

industry. By becoming an Upgraded member we pay you to surf just 5 sites

per day for 5 days.

What is Profit Sharing?
Profit sharing is a new-age model which does not use a fixed based

earnings/time span model where you are entitled to receive a return in a

fixed amount of time.
With the fixed based earnings/timespan, new income needs to come in

constantly daily or else the program will run out of funds to pay out to

the members leaving them with a partial or total loss.
In EGoldShare, you just keep earning rebates on your purchases till you

reach the max of 125%, because the system never runs dry. This way the

risk of losing out next to the fixed earnings/time span model is next to


How it Works?
To profit with us, you need to buy shares in the program. After your

share purchase have been confirmed, you will need to surf 5 sites to

earn your daily rebates.
Each unit is $5. You will keep earning the daily rebates on each unit

until you have earned 125% of the unit back as long as you stay


The daily cashout will depend on the Daily AC [Allowed Cashout %] which

is derived from incoming/outgoing fund ratio and overall performance of

our program.

Program Plans

Free members
20 seconds surf timer
25 free credits for joining
1 site to advertise
1% Referral Commission
Free to join

Upgraded members
20 seconds surf timer
25 free credits
3 site to advertise
25% x 5 days = 125%
6% Referral Commission
Surf 5 sites to earn
Minimum payout $0.01
Payout in 24 Hours
Cashout Daily


EGold Share™ : Stay with us & earn forever

For more information, visit

EGold Share™ : Stay with us & earn forever

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