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    Default s-surfing -

    What Is is the evolution in the Paid To Surf industry. This

    program is opened for all the international members without any

    restrictions. Most of the other surfing websites just pay you pittance

    for your time spent, but with you can earn 12% daily for

    Auto surfing.

    How Does Work? is free to join, but our system is geared towards the

    serious online professional and or promoter and thus we encourage all

    members to upgrade in order to maximize their experience with us. For

    our members with active upgrades, everyday you log into your account

    and surf minimum 12 pages, you will earn the equivalent of 12% of your

    membership level. If you want to earn more, you can have up to $2000

    active upgrades units at a time.

    What are the payment processor you are using?
    Our payment processor is only E-gold.

    Why was my account deleted?
    If your account has been deleted it is either because you did not

    upgrade within 31 days of joining or because you have broken our

    rules/terms. Please read that section for details. Members who violate

    the terms will have their account deleted. Accounts not upgraded within

    31 days after the last upgrade expired will also be deleted!

    Why my account is suspended?
    If you break our rules deliberately - with phishing sites, wars games,

    adult sites, sites that disrupt surfing or try to download anything,

    etc, you will be BANNED FOR LIFE. Sites must be legal and family-safe.

    We do not permit popups, rotators, redirects, phishing, adult or

    offensive sites, or any site that disrupts surfing. We will not respond

    to emails about suspended sites or accounts. It is YOUR responsibility

    to follow our easy rules.

    I will be paid within 24 hours ?
    We will do our best to stay within the 24 hour timeframe.

    How Long Is My Upgrade Valid For?
    Each upgrade is valid for 12 days.

    How do I get paid?
    If You have at least 0.01$ In Your Account, You can request your

    earnings everyday.

    Can I use my earnings to upgrade?
    No. Members are not allowed to use their earnings for upgrading.

    Can I have more than 1 account?
    NO! You can have only one account per IP, per Household. Users found

    with multiple signup accounts WILL BE DELETED IMMEDIATELY! AND YOU WILL

    FORFEIT ALL DEPOSITS AND EARNINGS!. Please do not try to cheat our

    service. You will be caught.

    Program Plans

    -Free Members
    No minimum cashout
    -advertise 2 webs
    -6% Referral com.
    -Surf 12 pages for 12 sec.

    Upgraded Members
    -12% daily for 12 days
    -upgrade only 2$
    -No minimum cashout
    -Advertise 6 webs
    -12% referral com
    -12 pages for 12 sec.
    -120 credits monthly


    For more information, visit

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    Can you tell me point to cash conversion or how much can we earn per each site surfing.

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    I just love the site, the design, the payment plan, you guys should keeep it up.

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