Welcome Back to Simple Surfing!

Here, at Jo Citizen's Surf we offer a simple program. No fancy

membership fees or SMS notification! What is SMS again? Its simple you

surf, you earn, you cashout every Friday! We offer moderate returns,

based on a solid business plan. And your advertising potential is our

key goal. As we progress, we'll add many options for advertising that

will ensure you receive quality exposure for your program, website,

forum or product.

Watchout for our own dedicated forum coming in the next few days!

But here is what our member benefits are and what you can expect!

4% for 40 Days, Weekly cashouts, Up to 4% Referral Incentives

All Members
15 Second timer
Automatic Surfing
Surf a MAX 30 Sites per day
Special Bonus Days for Ad Pack purchases
Free Members
Surf for credits only!
Purchase Credits for your site
Advertise 1 site
Junior Citizens
Purchased Ad packs Level from $5 till $99
Surf 15 sites to earn daily
Earn 4% daily
Request cashout on Fridays
2% referral incentives
Advertise up to 5 sites
Ad packs last for 40 days
2% Cashout fee
4% Purchase from earnings fee
Senior Citizens
Purchased Ad Packs Level $100 up to MAX $3000
Surf 15 sites daily to earn
Earn 4% daily
Request cashout on Fridays
4% Referral incentives
Advertise up to 10 sites
Ad Packs last for 40 day
2% Cashout fee
4% Purchase from earnings fees

For more information, visit

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