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We are looking for surfer to surf our advertiser's website. You will receive earning by surfing 20 sites daily. All Upgrades last for 365 days.

Program Plans

Minimum Ads Package: $0 (Free $1 to new members)
Daily Earning (ROI): 0.5%
Credits earned/site viewed: 0
Max Site Allowed: 0

Silver Advertiser
Minimum Ads Package: $2
Daily Earning (ROI): 0.7%
Credits earned/site viewed: 1
Max Site Allowed: 1

Gold Advertiser:
Minimum Ads Package: $100
Daily Earning (ROI): 0.8%
Credits earned/site viewed: 2
Max Site Allowed: 2

Platinum Advertiser
Minimum Ads Package: $1000
Daily Earning (ROI): 0.9%
Credits earned/site viewed: 3
Max Site Allowed: 5

Minimum withdrawal : $0.05. All withdrawal will be paid manually to e-gold account in 24 hours.

All new members will receive $1 in 24 hours. Please use Contact Us if you do not receive your free $1 Ads Package after 24 hours.

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