LivesTraffic is a new advertisement business in autosurf industry. Our system is a little bit different from other autosurf program. Most autosurf is using ponzi system and cannot stay for a long time.LivesTraffic is using combination of subscription and affiliate systems. For every new member that you invite to join LivesTraffic,you will receive 70% referral commissions instantly.Members also will earn 2% from USD 20 daily for 1 week by surfing at least 10 websites. In order for members to receive payout, members must be a paid member. With this business plan,you can earn more than 150% weekly if you have at least 3 downlines.Your profit is totally based on how many downlines that you have. Please be reminded that LivesTraffic is not Multi-Level Marketing program because members will get commissions on their first level only.

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