We have decided to make a difference and bring honesty and stability

back to the surfing industry By offering each of our members the

opportunity to join 12everyday.com , we bring to them a security and

stability that has been sadly lacking in this industry. we are offering

each member the opportunity to earn 12% per upgrade unit per day for 12

days, giving each member 144% ROI and 8% referral commission (1st

level) and (3 , 2 %) 2nd and 3rd Level Commissions . At 12everyday.com

you can be sure your program will be seen by other advertiser's. We

have setup 12everyday.com for clients that really want to advertise and

earn a serious monthly income.


What is 12everyday.com, and how does it work?

12everyday.com is an advertising company and as such deliver website

traffic to our advertisers based upon the advertising package they

purchase. As well as being an advertising company 12everyday.com offers

a program for advertisers and surfers who want to be paid for viewing

advertisers site the opportunity to do so. The program pays 12% daily

for 12 days, and thats for just for a few minutes of surfing. You can

advertise your own websites using the credits you earn or purchase.

When you log into your account and start surfing, your browser will

load the advertisers website with our auto-rotating bar displayed at

the top. The auto-rotator has a 12 second timer, and will automatically

load the next site in the same window, once the timer has reached 0.

Once you surf 12 websites your account will be credited with 12 % on

your account level.


Do you pay referral commission?

Yes, We pay 8% referral commission (1st level) and (3 , 2 %) 2nd and

3rd Level Commissions Ad Pack purchases. You have to be aware that all

referral earnings are one-time percentage payments based on your

referrals membership upgrades.

Program Plans
-Interest :12% for 12days
Min: 6
Max: 6,000
Refferal Fee: 13%
Payouts type:Instant
For more information, visit

12EveryDay - Best Paid Autosurf Traffic Program

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12EveryDay - Best Paid Autosurf Traffic Program