is the last of the tatcogroup of sites. We are a PS and we pay a max ROI of 8% and a minimum of 1% if the Roi falls below 1% we will autoupgrade to increase the roi. Upgrade are $5 and cash out is $5. You may cash out daily and payment will be within 96 hours usually sooner. There is a 50/50 rule. You must upgrade with 50% of what you want to cash out. We accept Alert pay, Ceptrust, VGB and Egold. However at this time we encourage members to use a processor other than Egold. We pay 70% of the daily income to members. The remained goes to 1. 5% goes to raise the ROI on each of the other three PS sites. 2. 5% goes to a reserve fund 3. 5% goes for referrals and 5% goes for site administration. Upgrades last until you have received 120%. You must have a site in rotation with credits added to be paid. Your earning will be added at midnight each day.

Program Plans

+Daily ROI 1-8%
+Total ROI 120%
+Surf only 10 sites
+5% for referrals
+Request Cash out Daily
+Compound Daily
+50/50 Rule

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